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Precision Cultures for Targeted Action

Alflorex for IBS & Zenflore for reducing Stress & Anxiety
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Our Story

Over 17 years ago, our scientists began researching thousands of bacterial cultures, together with experts from one of the world's leading centres of microbiome research, the APC Microbiome Institute in UCC, Ireland.

Since then, they've discovered hundreds of different bacterial cultures and they've put each one through rigorous scientific tests. Amongst these hundreds are a handful of special bacteria that stand out because of the precise and significant impact they make to human gut health.

When these unique cultures pass all our tests, which include clinical trials in the UK and Europe, the PrecisionBiotics® team are proud to produce them in a high quality and convenient form for consumers and clinicians.
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Learn about our story at PrecisionBiotics in Ireland

Natural Science, Ready to Work for You

All of our products contain bacteria that occur naturally in the human gut and are at home there.

We spend many years observing and testing them in real people to ensure they deliver the precise effects needed and that they meet our rigorous safety standards.

To ensure they reach your gut in peak condition we have created special formulations and we have confirmed their activity in the gut using the highest standards of scientific testing and human clinical trials. These stable formulations also ensure that none of our products need refrigeration.

Natural science for your tummy.

We're often asked why our products contain only 1 or 2 types of bacteria, instead of a mix of 5 or even 10 types.As scientists, we know that mixing multiple bacterial cultures does not guarantee that each will retain its properties or that different cultures will even complement each other. Different cultures behave in different ways and may even have competing effects. Cultures of animal origin are not native to the human gut so we do not add them. 

It is the specific culture of bacteria and how that culture interacts with your unique gut bacteria that determines whether you will notice a difference.

So our focus is on investing to find the best bacterial culture for each specific gut action. We then put each through a rigorous series of tests, culminating in clinical trials in the UK and Europe. 

We produce a pure formulation, with no added bulk yoghurt or animal cultures, to provide a PrecisionBiotic® product that we can guarantee and that clinicians can recommend. 

We also guarantee that the number of bacteria is the optimal amount for each PrecisionBiotic and the human gut.


Alflorex Review

"I had times where I'd be doubled over in pain and the bloating is all consuming, it was so bad that I have clothes ranging from a size 8 to 16 in my wardrobe, sometimes, I literally cannot pull on my jeans. I would have very frequent panic attacks in situations I felt I couldn't easily escape from if I was having a flare-up. Then I came across Alflorex and I was so impressed that I just kept taking them!

Scarlett London Headshot_Scarlett_396x409


Zenflore Review

“I feel I’m less tired and when I wake in the morning, I feel well rested and don’t struggle to get out of bed. This is almost unheard of for me.”

Gemma Kennedy



Alflorex Review

These were unique symptoms that I had never come across before. It was extreme debilitating abdominal pain and then all sorts of bowel symptoms. I started taking Alflorex, the first month it lines your gut and since the second month, I've been symptom free! I can literally eat whatever I want and it will not trigger any of my symptoms.

Zoe Salmon,
TV PresenterHeadshot_Zoe_396x408px


Alflorex Review

Our son is 2½ and has had constant toddler diarrhoea. He’d have diarrhoea 8-10 times per day and loose stools for 10 weeks at a time. We discussed his diet with the GP and he recommended lactose and gluten free but it made no difference. We’ve tried other probiotics, no difference either. Within his 1st month on Alflorex, he had firmer stools. He’s on it 6 months now and he’s noticeably stronger. He has a lot more energy and his colour is so much better. He is generally healthier. It’s an excellent product.

Cork, Ireland.

Alflorex Review

I first tried Alflorex 12 months ago and it’s made a huge difference. I no longer have the pain and the bloating has gone down a lot

My energy is 100% and I’ve even started running at 63

Dublin, Ireland.


See for Yourself

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Alflorex Leaders 8 weeks trial. Hear their stories

Alflorex Leaders

Eight people with digestive issues tried Alflorex for eight weeks, hear their stories here.

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New clinical study on 1714-Serenitas® by Professor Paul Enck

New clinical study on 1714-Serenitas®

Professor Paul Enck and his group at University of Tübingen (Germany) and the Alimentary Health Group have conducted a new clinical study, which has just been published online in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

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ANNG 2-1
RTE and Today FM Presenter Anna Geary loves Zenflore®

Radio and TV Broadcaster, Ireland Fittest Family Coach and future ‘Bride To Be’ Anna Geary relies on Zenflore® to keep her focused during her busy schedule.

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