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Alflorex®  with the
35624® culture

Alflorex® with the #1 recommended culture by US Doctors and Gastroenterologists29

The unique 35624® culture in Alflorex® has been clinically tested by leading scientists and gastroenterologists. 27,28
Alflorex® is the only product in Ireland that contains this culture. It has  been recognised as special by an expert panel of Irish pharmacists and industry experts, who voted it the winner of Best Gastrointestinal Product for 3 years in a row at the Irish Pharmacy News OTC Awards.
We're proud that this unique culture has made a difference to the lives of thousands of
people, you can see examples on our reviews page.

A natural culture: The bacterial culture in Alflorex occurs naturally in the human gut. It's part the Bifidobacterium family, one of the first kinds of bacteria passed by mothers to their babies at birth.2 To ensure this natural culture reaches your gut with its properties intact, we have created a special formulation and confirmed it's activity in the gut using the highest standards of scientific testing and human clinical trials. No refrigeration is required.

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Alflorex 30 Capsules 1 Month supply.
Voted Best Gastrointestinal Product 3 years in a row at the Irish Pharmacy News OTC Awards.

Voted Best Gastrointestinal Product 3 years in a row at the Irish Pharmacy News OTC Awards.

Globally Recognised Gold Standard

Alflorex with the 35624® culture is globally recognised as gold standard in scientific research. Our research, and that of our partners has been reviewed and published in leading scientific journals all over the world. 

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Alflorex 35624 Clinically Studied

For almost 5 years I never knew what was coming next…It really affected what I could eat and even if I could face a meal…

Since taking Alflorex, I feel I’ve got control again. I’m eating whatever I like and I’m getting through stressful events without flare ups. It’s the one thing I make sure I have every day. Thanks.

Jen, 22, Munster.

Over the years I tried so many products. Nothing worked. I gave up gluten, wheat and dairy, I never knew when it would flare up.

Alflorex has been such a great discovery for me. I can eat wheat and dairy, I can go out and choose whatever I fancy. I’m even having the odd takeaway which I haven’t been able to do for years. I feel so much better now and my clothes fit better. I would definitely recommend Alflorex after what it has done for me.

Caroline, Yorkshire.

I tried to change my diet by not eating bread and rice but this became increasingly hard to carry on. I love my food too much so it was hard to substitute some foods.

But, since taking Alflorex, I’ve noticed that these little tablets have really worked for me and I’ve seen a real difference in my wellbeing.

Sabreena, 23, London.

I can honestly say Alflorex has been a real game changer for me. It has changed my life. 

Since taking Alflorex, I have the freedom to dine out and vary what I eat, without any reaction afterwards. I’m much more active and outgoing, even going to festivals! I’m loving life thanks to the difference Alflorex has made for me. 


Jon, 36, Dublin.

Our son is 2½.  We discussed his diet with the GP and he recommended lactose and gluten free but it made no difference. We’ve tried other probiotics, no difference either. Within his 1st month on Alflorex, we saw a difference.  He’s on it 6 months now and he’s noticeably stronger. He has a lot more energy and his colour is so much better. He is generally healthier. It’s an excellent product.

Mark, Cork, Ireland.

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