12 Christmas things that only someone with a sensitive gut will understand

by Jessica Walsh, on Jul 17, 2018 4:30:11 PM

Although we know that digestive health issues come in many forms and can be different for everyone, there are some things that everyone with these issues can relate to. Coming into the Christmas season can be stressful enough when you have to spend extra money on gifts, organise parties and celebrations with friends and family and cook for an excessive amount of people on the big day. But if you have digestive health issues there are a few extra worries that would never cross the mind of others.


 1. Toilet Mapping

Wherever you are, you always have to know where the closest bathroom is. You have to toilet map. Whether you’re traveling to meet friends or out shopping on the weekends, you map out your day based on where the nearest bathrooms are. This becomes increasingly tricky to do when you’re unfamiliar with where you are. When the location of your staff Christmas party is decided, you can’t help but think about not going in case the venue doesn’t have enough bathrooms.


2. Toilets can be your best friend and your worst nightmare

The majority of people don’t like public toilets, but for you, it can cause a stressful situation. Especially if there is a long queue when the urgency kicks in. Most of the time, there won’t be a queue in your own home, but Christmas calls for a celebration with lots of family and friends, and with everyone having lots of food and drinks, you may have to wait to use your own bathroom!


3. Big Handbags hide little things

You generally spend a lot of money on toilet paper and have emergency rolls everywhere. In the car, in your handbag and even at work, because you can’t trust that there will always be enough in bathrooms. It can be difficult to be discreet about this when you’re going out to a party with just your clutch bag. It might match your outfit perfectly but in the end, you have to swap it for your reliable handbag that has lots of zips and pockets, so you can bring your toilet roll and food supplements, just to be safe.


4. “Dear Doctor, Happy Christmas”

Tis the season to start sending Christmas cards, you have a few more people to add to your list. Not only have you do you have a doctor, but you have a dietician and a gastroenterologist too. And you have been recommended a wide variety of treatments and natural remedies by them all including the Low FODMAP diet, gluten-free diets, and peppermint tea. And the chances are you had to get a colonoscopy or an endoscopy before you reached the age of 40. Trying to get a diagnosis, a solution, or some pain relief can be a long slow journey. So much so, that you see your doctor and gastro so often that they are on your Christmas card list!


5. Food Roulette

You love food, but if you eat the things you love your gut won’t be happy. You have a list of trigger foods you know to avoid. Some rules are simple, for example, you can’t eat spicy food or anything that is fried. But it’s not always clean cut. You know the struggle of eating a meal and feeling fine after it, then eating the same meal and immediately being in pain. Even healthy foods don’t always make you feel good. Anything can be a trigger for a flare up!


6. You bring your own dinner to parties

You have to be really careful what you eat when you’re out and hate being invited to someone’s house for dinner. It’s difficult not to sound rude or picky without telling someone exactly why you can’t eat their food! It’s always best to bring your own safe food that you know doesn't upset your diet and cause your symptoms to be worse. It's better to have some uncomfortable questions than an uncomfortable tummy!


7. Err…not actually pregnant

Bloating is an issue you may struggle with all year round, and you've tried everything to redue your belly bloat. Your bloating can be so bad that people have mistakenly thought you were pregnant, and you may even have been offered someone’s seat on public transport.


8. Plan B…Bloating Outfit

During the year it can be easier to hide with loose fitting clothes. It can cause bigger issues with your wardrobe at this time of year. When you buy an outfit for your work party, for Christmas Day and for the New Year’s Eve party, and it fits perfectly in the dressing room, but when it comes to wearing them, you can’t get the button tied on the pants, or your dress hugs your tummy over emphasising your bloating. You never know when it will happen, so you have a backup outfit ready that you spend the weeks coming up to Christmas hoping you won’t have to wear it. 


9. It’s not just about what you eat

Triggers come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to your gut issues. A lot of people experience their symptoms worse than normal when they are under stress. As we all know, the festive season tends to bring extra worry to most. Be it financial worries or the struggle of trying to please everyone at the same time. These kinds of stresses can set off a flare up. And it’s hard to be full of joy and fun when your insides feel like they are full of fire with extreme stomach pain.

10.  Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…. but you can still hear growling

You never know when your bowel movements might change, one minute you’re the life of the party. But when your stomach makes even the smallest of noises and you can feel the cramps starting, you immediately start planning your escape to the bathroom. Just when you thought you were going to be symptom-free for the night!


11.  Dear Santa….

You often have to carry out your normal day to day activities while also battling with a very achy nauseating pain. The Christmas party season can be hard when one part of you hopes that nobody can tell and another part wants everyone to understand how you are feeling. You even consider writing a letter to Santa Claus asking for a stomach pain solution and a quick cure for bloating this year!


12. Planning

It can be very hard to plan when your gut issues are so unpredictable. Between the perfect outfit and the safest foods, there is a lot of extra preparation to be done for yourself…not to mention all the backup plans too!


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