New Chewable Alflorex®

by Jessica Walsh, on Aug 17, 2018 11:39:48 AM

We just wanted to let you know that Alflorex® Straws will be phased out over the next few weeks and replaced by New Alflorex Chewables.

We understand that straws have offered an alternative to capsules, both for children and for those who prefer not to swallow capsules. However, as there is a significant environmental impact with straws which are not recyclable, manufacturers are actively reducing plastic straws.

Therefore we are launching New Chewable Alflorex.

Alflorex Chewables are great tasting, light fruity flavoured tablets that both children and adults will love.

Some of the good things about Alflorex Chewables include:

✓ Quicker and easier to take than the straws

✓ More environmentally friendly (no plastic straw, less packaging) 

✓ Mild flavour

✓ Gluten free * Dairy free * Soya free * Sugar free

✓ Stable at room temperature, do NOT require refrigeration

✓ Same retail price as Alflorex capsules




If you have any questions about New Alflorex Chewables or the phase out of Straws, call our Careline on 021 206 6012 

If you would like to learn more about Alflorex Chewables, click here.


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