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by Jessica Walsh, on Jul 17, 2018 4:29:30 PM

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We’ve just asked our customers about their experiences with Alflorex®. Over 500 people took part in the survey in October 2017 from all over Ireland and the UK. Here’s what they told us about how they use Alflorex.


What symptoms were troubling you most before you tried Alflorex?

We asked people to rank their symptoms in order of what had been troubling them the most before they started Alflorex.

  • 42% said bloating was the worst symptom they experienced
  • 25% choose the unpredictable diarrhoea they had
  • 17% felt their constipation was the worst factor
  • And 16% ranked their abdominal pain as the most troubling


How long does it take Alflorex to work?

In our survey we asked people how long it took to feel that Alflorex was working for them. Most people started to feel it was working after approximately 2 weeks

  • 40% of the respondents found that Alflorex was working in 2 weeks
  • 31% said they could feel the effects after 4 weeks
  • And 18% of respondents felt the benefits after just 1 week.

We know that it really depends on the individual gut and there were some people for whom it took 6 - 8 weeks. The survey showed that approx. 7% began to feel the effects after 6 weeks and a further 4% after 8 weeks.

However, it all shows that it is worth sticking with Alflorex as from the survey,  after 30 days the majority of people felt they had benefited. This is supported by the evidence shown in our clinical trials, which is why each pack of Alflorex comes with a month’s supply.  


What did you try before Alflorex?

94% of respondents told us they had tried many other products to try to ease their symptoms before they found Alflorex

  • 85% have used Antispasmodics
  • 39% said they have used Laxatives
  • Similarly, 39% told us they have tried Anti-diarrhoeals
  • 38% of respondents have taken Peppermint Oil
  • A further 36% have tried other Probiotics
  • And less than 8% have used Medical Devices and Prebiotics


How did you feel when you first started taking Alflorex?

We asked our customers what they felt during the first 2 weeks of taking Alflorex and 92% told us that they felt good/as usual for them. The main differences people noticed in the beginning were

  • 40% experienced less bloating
  • 22% felt less pain and cramps
  • And 10% had more regular bowel movements with no constipation or diarrhoea.

Approximately 1 in 12  people noticed a few other differences, including “butterfly feelings in the stomach” and having a bit more flatulence. Each gut is different and therefore reacts in different ways but, these were temporary, with most people saying that after 6 weeks Alflorex was working positively for them.

If you have any queries while you are taking Alflorex, our Careline is happy to answer any questions that you may have.  

UK: 0330 057 8598 
IRL: 021 206 6012


What difference did Alflorex make?

Our scientists were delighted to see that most people in the survey said Alflorex brought them a sense of “relief” with many saying they felt “normal” again.
A massive 72% felt less bloating, pain, constipation and diarrhoea and overall felt more relaxed and settled. Some even said they could eat again without being afraid!

This survey complements what we have found in the 17 years of research of the 35624 culture in Alflorex. And what has been shown in clinical trials with IBS sufferers, i.e. to reduce all of the following:

  • Bloating & Gas
  • Abdominal pain
  • Unpredictable bowel movements

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What happens if they stop taking Alflorex?

People told us that they have sometimes stopped taking Alflorex for a while, many because their symptoms had reduced and they thought they didn’t need it any more. However, 93% told us that they started taking it again when they found their symptoms had returned. Our customers told us that this helped them to know for sure that it was Alflorex that was helping them to feel better.


What made you decide to try Alflorex?

50% of our respondents tried Alflorex on the recommendation of their friends, Doctors, pharmacists, dieticians and gastroenterologists.

The remaining 50% began trialling Alflorex after they had researched online, using the PrecisionBiotics website, our social media and other online forums.  

It was great to see that lots of people had been recommended Alflorex by a friend. So many people suffer without telling anyone, when others may be in the same boat.

We hope this survey encourages people to look for a solution and if you have any questions about Alflorex, please call our Careline contact us on

UK: 0330 057 8598 
IRL: 021 206 6012



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