Zenflore®: A natural solution

Zenflore provides natural support during busy and demanding times*. 
Reduces fatigue and supports mental performance.

How is Zenflore natural?

This unique culture is part of the Bifidobacteria family of bacteria given by mother to baby at birth2. It is a friendly bacteria that is naturally at home in the human gut and has evolved with us over generations.

The 1714-Serenitas® culture was discovered and developed by PrecisionBiotics, in partnership with scientists and clinicians from one of the world’s leading centres of research on the microbiome. 1714-Serenitas® has also been clinically studied1.

PrecisionBiotics have developed this unique formulation with the natural 1714-Serenitas® culture and specially selected B vitamins, to help support mind and body and reduce tiredness and fatigue.*

To ensure this natural culture reaches your gut with its properties intact, Zenflore's special formulation is stable at room temperature and does not need to be refrigerated.

Zenflore is available now at Pharmacies and Healthfood stores

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