What is Alflorex® Immune


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Your Immune system plays a key role in your health.

Alflorex® Immune from PrecisonBiotics combines a targeted bacterial culture with extra strength vitamin D to support your immune system*.

It contains the unique PB-VIR® culture, a PrecisionBiotics®  strain.

The PB-VIR™ culture is a naturally occurring and safe bacterial strain, belonging to the Bifidobacterium longum species; these are types of bacteria passed from mother to baby at birth.

It was discovered by PrecisionBiotics and has been the focus of research since 2010.



Where is Alflorex® Immune available?

Alflorex® Immune is available in many pharmacies throughout Ireland.  

If Alflorex® Immune is not on the shelf, the pharmacy can order it and will usually receive it the next day.

If you have any questions on Alflorex® Immune or about trying it, please contact our Careline on (021) 206 6012 or email

Alflorex® Immune was discovered in Ireland.


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Why are PrecisionBiotics® special? 

Over 20 years ago, our scientists began researching thousands of bacterial cultures together with experts from one of the world's leading centres of microbiome research. 

Our PrecisionBiotics are unique bacterial cultures that we have discovered, developed and then rigorously tested, including in human clinical trials, to ensure they have the precise qualities needed and that they meet our rigorous standards.

All our products contain bacteria that occur naturally in the human gut and are at home there

PrecisionBiotics scientists have developed a convenient, once daily formulation, specially designed to reach the human gut with its properties intact. No refrigeration required.