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Professor Paul Enck and colleagues conduct new clinical study using 1714-Serenitas®,the bacterial culture in Zenflore®.

Professor Paul Enck and his group at University of Tübingen (Germany) and The Alimentary Health Group1 have conducted a new clinical study, which has just been published online in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

Professor Enck’s group are renowned researchers in the gut-brain axis.


1 - The Alimentary Health Group is a parent company of PrecisionBioticsTM

Commenting on this new study, Professor Enck said:

Commenting on this new study, Professor Enck said:

‘As researchers in the placebo effect, we have been sceptical about many of the claims made about bacterial cultures and the gut-brain axis. We have significant experience in the placebo effect and so our team designed a comprehensive study to assess this strain.
We think the results are novel and innovative and provide a scientific basis to assess the true impact of specific bacterial strains on the brain.’ 


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