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1714® Helps You Cope 


New scientific data reveals the impact of 1714-Serenitas® on stress
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What did the science find?

A new clinical study by the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at the University Hospital of Tübingen has confirmed that the bacterial culture 1714® (1714-Serenitas®can both improve stress processing and make it easier for healthy people to deal with stress.

This clinical trial showed for the first time that the 1714® culture enables better stress management by changing brain processing in response to stress.



How was the clinical study conducted?

For the study, 40 healthy people took either 1714® or a placebo daily for four weeks. They were exposed to a social stressor before and after the four-weeks and their brain activity was measured.

The clinical trial showed clearly that the 1714® strain produces changes in the brain that are linked with stress regulation, indicating improved coping with stressful situations.

The trial also showed that 1714® can produce changes in the brain regions associated with stress management, stimulating the coping centres in the brain.

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What were the results?

The findings show for the first time that the unique 1714® culture exerts a positive influence on stress management, by changing how stress is processed within the brain. 

These results are only valid for the 1714® culture and can not be transferred to all other cultures

The scientists who conducted the clinical trial concluded that 1714® (1714-Serenitas®)

  • Enabled people to cope or manage increased stress levels
  • Enhanced brain processes that deal with stressful events
  • Moderated brain processes linked to negative emotions
  • Increased vitality and reduced mental fatigue
  • Increased ability to cope with stress

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