8 New Year’s Resolutions to help your Gut

by Jessica Walsh, on 22/12/17 15:02

At the end of every year, we all reflect on our lives over the last 12 months. It can be an activity that is hard to avoid and can often make you start to plan what you will do differently in the fast approaching new year. We all want to better ourselves so we start to make lists of resolutions with the hopes of starting fresh and being the best version of ourselves. You may have already started this list and added things like

  1. Get fit

  2. Eat healthier

  3. Be more spontaneous

  4. Be more social

  5. Be more confident

  6. Earn more money

  7. Travel more

These can be very difficult to keep! Resolutions like these are so vague that come the new year you’ll forget what you even meant by them! Resolutions can be hard for anyone to keep, never mind when you have digestive issues!This year, make some resolutions that will be easy to keep and will be good for you! Once you start you won’t want to give up!

1. Trust you Gut

Your mother told you a hundred times, if your gut tells you that something is wrong, trust it! There’s a reason our stomachs are called our second brains! This is especially necessary if you have digestive issues. You need to listen to what your gut is telling you.

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2. Keep a food diary

This might sound difficult but before you know it you’ll be in the swing of it. Just keep a little notepad with you and record whatever you eat and drink, and what symptoms you were experiencing at the time.Write down what you’re doing and how you are feeling also. For example, were you at work or tired after a run? Were you really hungry or did you eat due to boredom? The most important step of course is to learn from this. If you find that every time you eat an apple at lunch you get a flare up, try cutting it out of your diet and see how you feel after a few weeks. This will help you to be more confident about eating as you know more of what you can or can’t eat.

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3. Always have a safe snack with you

This is a simple resolution to keep! To avoid abdominal pain caused by an empty stomach keep a snack with you that you know you won’t react badly to. This could be a banana, rice cakes, yogurt or anything that you know your tummy loves. This is great for long journeys, afternoons spent shopping or even when you’re stuck in traffic! Keep some snacks in the car!


4. Plan to be spontaneous

This might sound counter intuitive…how can it be spontaneous if you have planned it? But this can definitely be a life saver. Make a list of some of the things you’d love to do this year; Climb a mountain, go on a road trip to the other side of the country, spend a weekend at a festival. And then, Plan, Plan, Plan!

Research is vital. Rather than getting on the open road and realising there isn’t going to be another bathroom for hours, research which route to take. Find out where you will be able to stop for the bathroom, what places you will be able to eat in and if you’re staying overnight, check out the types of accommodation nearby. The last thing you need is to end up staying in a hostel sharing a bathroom with 20 other people!

You don’t have to decide the date your going to do any of this but for when that day does come you’ll have your research done. This will make it more enjoyable and relaxed. Be spontaneous with confidence!Blue sky_iStock-530809116.jpg

5. Be consistent with your routine

Start the year well and get into a good routine. It’s easy! Try to get up every day at the same time and have a good breakfast. As they say… “You must first have your breakfast, then you can change the world.” Try to eat at the same time every day and have a regular bathroom schedule and bed time. A lack of sleep can upset your digestive system too. Keep your tummy happy, and after that the rest will fall in place.winter herbs.png

6. Go for a walk

Exercising doesn’t mean you have to be in the gym every morning before the sun comes up. But some regular aerobic exercise will go a long way. Walking, cycling, swimming and Yoga are just a few examples. These can be a great way to release tension and ease abdominal pain.

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7. Don’t be lazy with your supplements

It’s easy to forget to take your supplement daily, but if you keep taking it every day it will be worth it! It takes between 4 and 6 weeks to feel the full effects of Alflorex®. This is because it takes time to fully prime the gut. So, set an alarm on your phone, keep the capsules next to your bed and remember to take it every day!

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8. Relax!

What a great resolution! Make some time for yourself to relax. Very often, stress can be the cause of flare ups. Avoid this by allowing yourself some down time. Make yourself a cup of tea, open up a good book and take a break. You deserve it!


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