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by Colm O'Sullivan, on 09/04/21 15:33

New research by a leading gut health charity and PrecisionBiotics reveals 87% of people suffering from poor gut health feel their employers are neither knowledgeable understanding about their symptoms. While 72% have …

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by Colm O'Sullivan, on 06/04/21 09:13

The journey to improving gut health can take time. Here are some useful tips to help you keep your ‘new year, new gut’ resolutions when the going gets tough. 1. Track …

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by Colm O'Sullivan, on 06/04/21 09:11

Did you know that at least 70% of our immune system is in our gut? We explore the critical link between our health and our gut microbiome. If you looked …

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by Colm O'Sullivan, on 06/04/21 09:08

Our two-part dietitian’s guide. If Google has left you feeling confused about FODMAPs you’re not alone. We asked Magda Rzuczkowska, a specialist gastroenterology dietitian for the lowdown on when a …

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by Colm O'Sullivan, on 06/04/21 09:07

Avoid the pitfalls with our expert-led advice. A low FODMAPs diet can make a big difference to people with sensitive guts but followed incorrectly it can sometimes cause more harm …

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by Colm O'Sullivan, on 06/04/21 08:57

How to keep a simple and effective food and symptom diary. When you’re suffering from digestive issues, keeping a track of symptoms can make all the difference… but it needs to …

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