Become an Alflorex Leader

by Jessica Walsh, on 02/02/18 16:51

Here at PrecisionBiotics, we are offering you the chance to be part of our Leader Programme. This programme is open to anyone with digestive issues who want to trial Alflorex. We have been recruiting since the beginning of January and so far, we are delighted with the fantastic response the programme has received. However, the closing date to submit your interest is fast approaching - register now to avoid disappointment.


Eight entrants will be selected to become Alflorex Leaders. Each will be given two months' supply of Alflorex and will receive support and advice from our Careline during this introductory period. Our Careline will check in on a regular basis to make sure that each Leader’s adjustments are normal, as well as providing healthy eating tips.


Each Leader will track their Alflorex journey with a weekly questionnaire about how they are feeling, how Alflorex fits into their daily routine, and changes to their digestive system. The Leaders will also document their experience with Alflorex in a video diary, where they will share in more detail how they are feeling from the start of their Alflorex journey to the end. The leaders stories will help those who have never tried Alflorex, to find out more about digestive conditions.


Digestive issues can be difficult to talk about with others. We are delighted to have so many people who are keen to share their story and become an Alflorex leader, to help others in need to find a solution to their digestive issues. 

If you would like to become an Alflorex Leader, sign up here. We will be in contact with every entrant very soon.

Keep an eye out for the #AlflorexLeaders stories over the next few weeks!  

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