Dating tips for Sensitive Guts

by Jessica Walsh, on 16/02/18 17:38

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. Roses and chocolates are exchanged and couples go out for rich lavish meals all week. For some this is not a treat! People with a sensitive gut dread being asked out on a dinner date. This can cause more stress and worry than just your regular pre-date jitters. If you are someone with digestive issues, you may have experienced some of the following on date night:

  • Putting on a gorgeous dress and end up wishing you wore sweatpants by the end of the night because of your bloating.
  • Excusing yourself to nip quickly to the loo and not coming back for over half an hour
  • Cancelling a date because your stomach is so uncomfortable and painful

If this is something you are familiar with, take a look at our dating tips for sensitive guts. 


1. The date doesn’t have to be in a restaurant 

For many people with digestive issues, going out to a restaurant can be a nightmare. Take some control back, and plan to meet later. Eat before you go out and then do something you’re comfortable with, like going for a walk, to the cinema, the beach, or go to a local gig. These are all fun date activities that don’t involve food!


2. Choose your outfit wisely 

There is nothing stopping you from being the best dressed person on the night. Bloating shouldn’t stop you from looking glamorous. But if you want to feel comfortable, it may be best not to wear anything too tight fitting. If bloating strikes you won’t feel as uncomfortable. You can continue your romantic date with a bit more comfort and still look great!


3. Be honest 

It can be difficult to talk about your digestive health on a date but trying to keep it a secret can cause even more stress, which often leads to a flare up of symptoms. Honesty is the best policy. Explain it simply but bluntly.

“I have a sensitive gut so I can’t eat a lot of rich foods”

or if you’re worried about straying too far from a toilet say something like

“I have a digestive disorder so I’d prefer if we could go somewhere with a restroom nearby” 

It can still be fun and exciting, give a few suggestions of where to eat or what you would like to do. Being assertive is a good trait to have in these situations.


4. Be prepared 

If you are going to a restaurant, pick somewhere that you know has healthy food that you are able to eat. If you don’t know the restaurant, look up their menu online or call ahead and ask if they can cater to your dietary requirements.


5. Time the Date 

If you always get a flare up in the evening, plan the date for the afternoon. Try to keep your regular routine by planning the day. Your sensitive gut won’t have a chance to disrupt the date if you keep it short, plan an activity that lasts an hour if that’s what you are comfortable with.


6. Involve your date in the planning 

Planning around your gut might not feel very romantic. But you may find that asking for your date’s help picking an activity or restaurant that will suit you both can be great fun! It might even push you both to come up with very different exciting activities that you wouldn’t normally do.


 7. Take a daily supplement

Prime you gut with Alflorex and feel comfortable on every date. All you need to do is take one Alflorex capsule every day. It gets to work immediately in your gut. The full benefits of Alflorex can be seen after approximately 4 weeks.


If you have any questions about how Alflorex can work for you, contact our Careline here.

Find out more about Alflorex here!

Don’t let your digestive issues get in the way, follow our tips and you’ll be ready and confident for your next date night!

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