Gut Friendly Baking for Kids

by Jessica Walsh, on 16/03/18 16:32

If you have digestive issues, then you will know the daily struggle of planning your day around what you eat. If you’re a parent with these issues then it can make things much more difficult to maintain the diet that suits you and the diet that is best for your children.

Naomi Isted, TV presenter, is a mother of two and finds that during the week she manage what she eats well. However, for weekends and holidays with her kids, her routine changes and planning meals and snacks to suit everyone can be a difficult task.

naomi NI REDIT

On Mother’s Day, Naomi and her daughter Fleur created a cooking vlog where they shared some tasty and healthy recipes that are good for your gut and also great fun to make for all the family.  

Josh Posner our Digestive Chef helped to create the following recipes with Naomi:

Blueberry Muffins

Fruit Kebabs

Cheesy Muffins

Beany Dip and Dippers

Layered Yoghurt Pots

 Naomis blueberry muffins.jpg

These recipes are great for getting the kids involved and excited about eating healthy treats. Take a look at Naomi and Fleur’s Vlog to see how easily they whipped up a fun feast for the family. Fleur is seven years old and shows how fun cooking can be. Sieving the flower, mashing up bananas, and designing her own fruit kebabs. This weekend why not get creative in the kitchen with your kids?

Watch the video to see the full recipes and instructions on how to make these yummy and gut friendly treats.



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