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by Josh Posner, on 20/12/17 16:24


 I have always cooked! I come from a family of great home cooks and food lovers. My great-grandmother provided food as love, my grandmother reviewed cookbooks, my grandparents took me to the best restaurants in the UK and in Europe from a young age and my mum is no slouch in the kitchen either!

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I always remember cooking; I have as memories of being in the kitchen from the age of three!
I was teaching at a local charity called The Kid’s Cookery School from the age of 13. While studying for my Philosophy degree I worked in a number of professional kitchens and on graduation walked into the Hilton Hotel in York (where I had been studying) and sought a job – without any formal training – and was taken on after proving both my skills and my palette. After completing stages at Roganic and Bubble Dogs in London, I moved into the field of corporate dining and have worked my way through the ranks as a chef and now, aged 28, am an Executive Chef Manager.

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I have always had to cater for people with dietary concerns; my great-grandmother and grandmother’s food allergies, family members who are lactose or gluten intolerant as well as vegetarians and vegans. I relish a challenge! So when my girlfriend Natasha’s digestive problems made eating difficult for her I started to adapt my recipes so that she could enjoy my cooking without suffering any ill effects. After all who wants to inflict pain (even inadvertently) on those you care for?



My taste in food is extremely eclectic so I was keen to introduce Natasha to a wide range of cuisines – both at home when I cooked for her and in restaurants.

She was a willing participant. However Natasha comes from Greece and grew up eating food grown organically by her family on their small-holding. She was used to a very healthy Mediterranean diet, and found some foods she experienced in the UK harder than others to digest. She became most symptomatic when we had highly spiced foods, for example, and found (through a process of trial and error) that her gut was sensitive to onions and garlic, and didn’t tolerate spices well. 

So rather than underlining her need for a modified diet, I simply adapted the dishes I cooked – just for us or for friends – as the last thing I wanted to do was point a finger at her and emphasise her ‘issues’. I found replacements for the foods she couldn’t tolerate and researched ingredients which would help with digestion.

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Natasha has coupled her modified eating with a regular daily Alflorex® supplement. She is now into her third month and has found that her gut has ‘quietened’ and her digestive symptoms have diminished and are under control. As you can imagine, I am delighted as food is so central to our lives – in fact we are off on a culinary holiday soon, and we can do so without concern.  


I was so pleased when the team at PrecisionBiotics® asked me to use my experience of cooking and adapting recipes to produce a series of menus for people coping with the symptoms and effects of digestive disorders. You will see the results of the first series of dishes here and more are planned throughout 2018.   

 I would love your feedback and if you would like me to adapt your favourite recipes so that you can enjoy cooking and eating with your loved ones please email:

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