by Colm O'Sullivan, on 22/12/17 14:52

They say reflection is for retirement and as another year comes to an end we are looking back at a selection of highlights across 2017. In March Alflorex® wins the best …

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by Josh Posner, on 20/12/17 16:24

I have always cooked! I come from a family of great home cooks and food lovers. My great-grandmother provided food as love, my grandmother reviewed cookbooks, my grandparents took me …

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by Jessica Walsh, on 15/12/17 13:07

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year! Over the Christmas period there will be some slight changes to the Postal and Careline services. Dispatch …

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by Colm O'Sullivan, on 06/12/17 08:57

Congratulations to our academic partners Professor John Cryan and Professor Ted Dinan on the release of their recent book – The Psychobiotic Revolution. This information-rich guide to improving your mood …

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by Jessica Walsh, on 29/11/17 11:51

We’ve just asked our customers about their experiences with Alflorex®. Over 500 people took part in the survey in October 2017 from all over Ireland and the UK. Here’s what …

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by Jessica Walsh, on 24/11/17 13:00

Although we know that digestive health issues come in many forms and can be different for everyone, there are some things that everyone with these issues can relate to. Coming …

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by Colm O'Sullivan, on 14/11/17 17:37

To show the live culture in Alflorex works to the very end, our scientists have tested it in the ‘final’ step i.e. in the stool samples of people who take …

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by Jessica Walsh, on 09/11/17 15:39

As party season approaches everyone is striving to look their best, to wear what they want and generally feel good to enjoy going out. Last night on TV3 Justine King …

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by Jessica Walsh, on 31/10/17 17:27

The ITV series Save Money: Good Diet took a concise snapshot of Gut Health and its importance to our overall health and wellbeing. Gastroenterologist Dr Gareth Parkes gave an interesting …

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by Michael Keating, on 22/08/17 11:40

Can you do things now that you couldn’t do before taking Alflorex? We want to hear your stories. We want to hear your stories. Whether it’s the freedom to travel, …

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