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by Jessica Walsh, on 22/12/17 15:07

In a recent article in Stellar magazine, 4 readers with digestive issues were asked to trial Alflorex® for one month. The ages of these participants ranged between 28 and 39, and were all female. Stellar asked them the following questions about their experiences before and after trying Alflorex.

  1. Do suffer from any of these – IBS, Crohn’s Disease, C Diff, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis or Other?
  1. What made you decide to try Alflorex?
  1. What symptoms trouble you the most?
  1. Have you taken anything else for your symptoms?
  1. How did you feel after 1/2/3/4 weeks?



Some of the participants have been diagnosed with IBS, and others with Ulcerative Colitis. They all experienced a variety of symptoms from abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, bloating, constipation and excess gas. These symptoms were often due to what they had eaten, and tended to flare up in certain circumstances.


Why they tried Alflorex

The participants were asked why they wanted to try Alflorex. For some it was recommended to them by a friend. Others said that they had tried numerous other products to try and gain control over their symptoms but nothing had worked. One participant told Stellar that they had a bad flare up of their symptoms as a result of a colonoscopy and biopsy and wanted to ease their symptoms.


What had they tried before

Before trying Alflorex, the participants were asked if they had taken anything else for their symptoms. One reader said it had been very difficult to find something that worked to ease their symptoms. The other participants said they had tried antispasmodics, natural remedies and other anti-inflammatories.


The results 

After just 4 weeks of taking Alflorex, Stellar received some very positive results. The participants detailed how they were feeling, saying their stomach felt more settled with less acidic attacks over the month, they had more energy and felt more confident. Their bloating had reduced as well as abdominal pain and other symptoms.


“Alflorex has made a big difference I feel particularly in the last two weeks. I have

little or no cramps and I feel my IBS overall has improved so as you can imagine

this for me is brilliant. My bloating has improved so much so that at the moment I

have none. I feel more confident going out for dinner knowing that in the last two

weeks I’m not getting cramps after eating.

So mainly it’s the last 2 weeks of the 4 that I’m seeing a difference. My sister also

suffers from IBS and I have recommended her to try Alflorex.”


It is fantastic to hear that the participants felt that Alflorex had worked so well for them that they recommended it to their friends, classmates, relatives and even their personal training clients. Astonishing feedback to receive from the readers!  


“I notice a big difference taking them in regards to energy levels increasing and less

bloating, so much so that I have recommended them to a few of my class/personal

training clients who suffer with IBS symptoms.”


Another one of the participants wanted to learn more about Alflorex, they asked if it is recommended to continue taking Alflorex. Our Careline advises that by taking a single capsule of Alflorex every day you can ensure that your gut remains primed. Alflorex will stay in your gut as long as you continue to take it. It performs its action in the gut and then will naturally be swept out by regular bowel movements.


Overall the results of this trial were positive, and gave a great insight to the real journeys that Alflorex users go through. If you’d like to learn more about Alflorex, feel free to contact our Careline, we’re hear to answer any questions you may have.


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