Microsoft versus Microbiome

by Jessica Walsh, on Jan 19, 2018 5:19:32 PM

Co-founder of Microsoft and philanthropist, Bill Gates, recently spoke at the J.P. Morgan’s 36th Annual Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. He spoke about the possibilities for bettering global health for years to come.

“It’s been my key message for more than a decade. It’s that health is getting better, and it’s getting better faster than ever before.”


The primary focus of The Gates Foundation is global health, investing nearly $12 billion over the last 5 years. Gates discussed that with a mix of government funded science research, philanthropy to help nurture their development, and industry to use the necessary skills and experience to turn discoveries into products, there will be more global health breakthroughs than ever before.   

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When it comes to health and medicine, information is constantly being learned from other fields, according to Gates. He has recently co-funded a genome wide association study that showed a link between preterm births and deficiency in selenium; a mineral that plays a key role in the metabolism, in pregnant women. He went on to say that with more research they hope to find that taking dietary supplements could help reduce the amount of preterm births and new born deaths.


“…when we ask one kind of question about key systems like the immune system, the brain, or our human microbiota, the answers may also apply to a totally different line of questioning.”


Bill Gates spoke of how the gut microbiome and good nutrition are big factors when it comes to healthy development. Meaning we need to ensure that children have the right mix of microbes in their gut and that they’re eating the right food to support this.  

He went on to discuss that there are now a variety of solutions to replace or augment healthy microbes. Nutritious foods, fecal transplants and probiotics.


Gates believes that improving health for all throughout the world is not just a goal, it is achievable.

“Achieving health equity in our lifetime is not only a possibility. It is an imperative, because everyone—no matter where they live—deserves the chance to live a healthy and productive life.”


Read Bill Gate’s full speech here.

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