Why We Need
Better Sleep?

Sleep has a profound effect on our bodies, how they function and how we feel.

Sleep quality and what we do in the preceding waking hours is inextricably linked. There is an increasing body of evidence demonstrating that sleep helps our bodies repair themselves. What we do in our waking hours affects the quality of our sleep, waking time , diet, exercise and stress levels all affect our sleep patterns.1

Getting a good night’s sleep can add to your general wellbeing. A bad night’s sleep can affect your mood and concentration. IIn the long-term, lack of sleep can contribute to a number of problems such as heart disease and stroke.2

We need better sleep as it affects the vast majority of our bodies ‘functions from immunity to hormonal regulation.3 The average suggested amount of sleep for an adult is eight hours a night while teenagers may require more. Normally, we pass through the first three stages of sleep quickly to stage four – deep sleep. Then comes REM where you may experience vivid dreams. This is the stage where short term memories are converted to long term memories and the brain rests. This cycle is repeated every 90 minutes4.

Sleep is essential to our wellbeing and the length of uninterrupted sleep we get is important
1.Vyazovskiy, V. (2015). Sleep, recovery, and metaregulation: explaining the benefits of sleep. Nature and Science of Sleep, p.171
3.Cirelli C, Tononi G. Is sleep essential? PLoS Biol. 2008;6:e216.


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